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Corporate Documentaries, Video Production, Augmented Reality, Animation and Digital Asset Management from Emmy and CLIO-Winning Advertising Pros

Adsmith Delivers Scriptwriting, TV and Video Production, Special Effects, Media Placement, Asset Archiving and More.

The media beast is hungry. It craves new video content about your company’s positioning, products, programs and people. Constantly. Increasingly. Relentlessly. Today, the challenge comes in feeding that ravenous beast. Effectively. Strategically. Affordably. While aligning with your organization’s brand personality, advertising efforts and business objectives.

For advertising clients across America, Adsmith — a Southern-California-based television and video production agency — offers complete TV and video content solutions from planning, producing and repurposing campaigns, to augmented reality and 3D animation, to multi-format output, media placement and digital asset management. Working with or apart from your ad agency. As a single-service or full-service solution. Leveraging the talents of CLIO and Emmy-winning advertising professionals to empower you to satisfy the media beast more intelligently, more creatively, more thoroughly and, yes, even more economically.

Hammering Out TV and Video Advertising Solutions

TV and Video Consultation

First, we talk with you. About your products. Your people. Your customers. Your competition. Armed with that information, we recommend strategies for enhancing your brand image (while making the cash register ring) via compelling TV and video productions.

TV and Video Creative

Ad agency-experienced, CLIO-winning concept and script pros come up with creative TV and video approaches that entertain as they inform -- emotional or intellectual or humorous or heart-warming approaches that simply won't allow your company, product, service or promotion to come off as ho-hum.

TV and Video Production

Let's start with our EMMY-winning producer/director of photography. Couple that with our low overhead, "put the money on the screen" philosophy. Plus proximal access to Hollywood's best resources. And you have a TV and video production solution that underscores the "value" in high production values.

TV and Video Repurposing

Our motto: "Shoot, edit, repurpose." Meaning: We'll work with you to set up a series of shoots that provide months or even year’s worth of relevant footage of your products, people, customers and facilities. We then offer you a menu of options that leverage that footage into a wide variety of video executions.

TV and Video Media Placement

Once a TV or video production is complete, our media placement team can create and carry forth a plan that ensures your investment in quality video content is seen by the right online, on-air or in-person consumer or business audience -- always with a keen eye on measurable results.

TV and Video Asset Management

We already handle video asset management for one of the largest corporations in the world. With the quick ingestion and accurate meta-tagging that empowers easy searches and downloads of important clips and finished masters. That enables your people to simply find and conveniently utilize the video footage and final masters we (and your other resources) provide for a wide range of internal and external audiences.


Proving Our Metal

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B to C

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Special Effects

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/3D Animation

For trade shows, for training, for sales prospecting, for dealer and end-user engagement, augmented reality and virtual reality offer limitless possibilities to make a memorable, lasting impression — especially among those individuals raised on Web and video game interactivity.

At the same time, the popularity of 3D animation is advancing through feature films, video and television at warp speed. Adsmith helps you ride this technological marketing and training opportunity strategically, effectively and, yes, affordably.

Digital Asset Management

With our experience handling video asset management for one of the largest corporations in the world, Adsmith combines advanced backend technology with quick frontend ingestion and accurate meta-tagging to empower easy searches and downloads of important clips and finished masters.

That enables your people to simply find and conveniently utilize the video content we (and your other resources) provide for a wide range of internal and external audiences. Boosting productivity and efficiency. At a cost our competition can’t match.

Tools of Our TV and Video Production Craft

  • Emmy and CLIO-winning TV and video production specialists who strategize the best use of TV and video for your particular need.
  • Agency-experienced advertising creative pros who come up with video solutions that work.
  • A shoot-and-repurpose philosophy that brings you more value for your production dollar.
  • A menu of productions to choose from, each with upfront pricing that takes the guesswork out of TV and video creation.
  • Hollywood and Southern California-based actors, voice talent, directors, editors and composers that bring added impact to each project.
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D animation to help bring your next trade-show, sales rep/prospect or dealer/customer experience to colorful, technological, interactive life.
  • Media planning and placement to help each TV spot or video reach its audience, online or on air.
  • TV and video asset management to empower easy searches and utilization of footage and finished masters by internal and external stakeholders.
  • Over 25 years of advertising experience, with success writing and producing over 600 videos, TV spots and radio commercials for all kinds of clients, all across America.

The Relationships We’ve Forged


Miller Beer
Hunt Wesson
Taco Bell
Silk Soy Milk


Ricoh Copiers
Olympus Camera
Sharp Solar


John Deere
Peak Antifreeze


Pacific Sunwear
Custom Building Products
Over 50 shopping malls nationwide


Arizona Federal Credit Union
Southwest Bank of Missouri
National Association of Realtors
Aames Home Loans

Health Care

California Department of Health Services
Blue Cross and Blue Shields across the nation
Edwards Lifesciences
Hoag Hospital

Travel and Leisure

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Marriott Hotels
Spotlight 29 Casino
Seven Crown Resorts


UC Irvine Extension
University of LaVerne
West Coast University
American Career College


League of Women Voters
Disney Home Video
Books on Tape
American Cancer Society


The Iron We’ve Won

  • Emmy Award
  • CLIO Award
  • Telly Awards (over 60)
  • New York Art Director Awards (multiple)
  • Effie Award
  • Belding Award
  • SUNNY Awards (multiple)
  • Maxi Awards (multiple)
  • Medical Marketing Awards (multiple)

A TV and Video Production Agency
That Gets Its Hands Dirty

Today, everyone and his third-cousin does TV and video production. It’s a specialty that’s become a commodity. And every savvy business knows it needs to create a steady stream of videos. Search engines love them. They’re how customers prefer to receive information today.

But what’s the best way to go about producing your TV spots and videos? In-house resources are often overtaxed and under-experienced. Freelance shooter/editors are seldom strategically/creatively minded. And ad agencies? They’re the choice for those who like to pay more and wait longer.

Adsmith offers a welcome alternative. Think of us as a “production agency,” providing a complete TV, radio and video content solution for your company: Consultation and strategizing. Scripting and storyboarding. Shooting, editing and motion graphics. Augmented reality and 3D animation. Original music and sound design. Repurposing of elements. Media planning and placement. Even digital asset management, including ingestion, cataloging, storage, retrieval, sharing and distribution of video assets. Plus each service we offer is available individually or as a comprehensive package.

Result: You get advertising content more strategically aligned with your brand. More creatively produced. More economically repurposed. More conveniently archived. And more value-driven for your budget.

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Complete Video Content Solutions